Monday, July 5, 2010

thank you

thank you for:

my grandpa
my family
silly movies
and ingrid michaelson

i really want to be a nurse. i just tried to calculate how many classes left i have to take to get my BS and i am almost positive i can do it by next summer. then if i joined an accelerated nursing program, 11 to 18 months later i would be a registered nurse! it hit me as i was visiting my grandpa in the hospital this weekend how sad it would feel to be a nurse and grow attached to patients and then have to watch them die. but then the more i contemplated this, the more i realized that if i was a nurse, i wouldn't just watch people die, i would have the opportunity to fight for their life and keep them from dying. i want to do that

on a more lighter note, i would never recommend going on a thirteen hour car ride with your baby sister, for the sake of the story we shall call her e. koch... no no, better yet, elizabeth k. she will SMOTHER you :) how many inches shorter is she than i and how many more inches does she take up in the car??? that is the question. however, i must say i absolutely enjoyed it. she is definitely individual and i love her

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