Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the roast i killed twice and then ate

SO.... on Sunday I decided to become a domestic goddess, not saying that's unusual for me, and I made delicious stew. However, when I began this
adventure I was unaware of the emotional toll it would take on
my peaceful day. By the time I was finished preparing the meat I was sweating, up
set and cursing the meat. It's amazing the degree to which meat can cause frustration. I am 20 years old, I have a brai
n, I am probably at least three times bigger than the meat (name it???), and can talk... yet this small brainless, voiceles
s thing got under my skin. haha but it was absolutely fun and delicious later.
I wish I could laugh at everything bad that happened to me.

Okay random story-- Erica and I were driving home from school (Utah to CA) and we pulled off in literally the middle of nowhere. We decided to get out and take some pictures. haha This experience defines mine and Erica's time together: absolutely fun no matter the place, highly modelesque, and soooo random. haha

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