Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my dreams are throwing me off ha

so whenever i have a crazy dream it definitely affects me the next day. haha last night i dreamt about playing rugby and then some other things happened. if you want to know more you will just have to ask me.

i have always wanted to write a book. in fact i started one last summer, i just never got very far ha but i thought of a new title that really gets me excited it is.

nuts in a candy dish: seemingly misplaced items --if any of you steal this, i will be severely disappointed in you and (nat will really appreciate this) whisper parseltongue every time i see you

it is going to be about how life throws you things that you do not expect all the time. i'm thinking that i may want to have it just be a collection of short stories about different individuals but then the last story ties them all together. unoriginal?? could be. i think when i finally start it i will just go with whatever i am feeling haha oh this just reminded me. todays word of the day is megrim and it means a migraine or a fancy or a whim. so... on a megrim, i decided to start this blog. or write about my life because i just know everyone is dying to read about it. it's just such an exciting life.

oh so this year may be my year of insane adventures. i am going to india in july and now i am seriously considering going to china all next fall to teach english. i am so electrified with this idea. i am going to an information meeting tonight about it. i just have to say the word electrified is very powerful and makes me think of the movie kicking and screaming: "electric in the air" hhah

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