Friday, April 16, 2010

oooooh finals

well well well. its that time of year again. finals are taking over my life and i don't think i like it at all. i'm in the library with tommy right now, supposed to be studying ha but i went through half of this stack of slides so i decided to reward myself with a break.
i am not quite sure if it is the hours spent studying or what, but my blonde moments seem to be increasing in number as well as stupidity. luckily they are still entertaining ha but i am getting a little tired of feeling blonde--no offense to you ladies out there in the world who happen to be blonde.
so lately i have been eating a ton of dried fruit and almonds. and i absolutely love it. dried mangoes and cranberries are my favorite currently. oh! the word of the day today is oneiric. it means having to do with dreams or dreamy.

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