Friday, December 24, 2010


our Mayan friend we made

Liz's sexy legs

at our favorite restaurant with the best service

the best mommy ever

A Mexican Christmas!!!!!!

My mom and dad, bless their hearts, took Liz and I to Cancun the week before christmas! Best week ever. Instead of the week before Christmas turning into a marathon week, long... painful... neverending..., Mexico came first and then three days later christmas is here :) I feel so blessed. My parents are so generous, and I do not deserve it.

We held a spider monkey, it fit in my two hands, and no I don't have a picture so you will just have to trust me.

We swam in the dark in a bat cave, with stallagtites coming down to the tip of the water, an amazing and creepy experience all at the same time.

We went and saw ruins, and if any of you have seen the Road to El Dorado, the cartoon version, you will appreciate this--they had the ball fields where they hip bump the ball into the tiny hoops. THE GAME ACTUALLY EXISTS. I had no idea haha

All in all, I'd say it was a success.

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  1. How fun!!! It sounds like a blast and I LOVE the cartoon Road to El Dorado, that is way cool that they game actually exists! What a fun way to get ready for Christmas!