Wednesday, March 31, 2010


the last few days i haven't had a lot of homework and it has been amazing. so... i've been helping other people out. and yes you feel better because you're serving others, but i just have to say not only is that great, but i also have felt such an efficient and productive busyness. instead of everything i am working hard on be for myself, it has been for other people around me and i love it. it made me so excited to help others even more. last night some friends and i went to nat's volunteer dinner/recipe book party and it was so much fun. the food was amazing and i got to make homemade reeses :) it is perfect because they are my most favorite candy ever. then liese came over and we enjoyed the evening together. i cannot wait to live with her next year. i have to say i just love spiritual and uplifting conversations. oh haha this morning on my way to school, i totally fell on my hands and face. my hand was crushed and now i have a black eye. haha maybe not a black eye, but hand is truly crushed. thinking about walking around with a hook calling myself hook. something that's been on my mind lately is that faith without works is dead. i know i hear that all the time but the power that is derived from that phrase is amazing. if i am willing to put a lot of effort in trying to feel the spirit, feel uplifted, read my scriptures and patriarchal blessing, then Heavenly Father WILL bless me with the spirit. If i just think that and move forward, then it will happen. over the weekend at home, my dad told me the best thing i can do for myself and my future family is to always move forward, no matter what. when i am always working forward, that fact detached alone from whether or not i'm struggling, means i am improving and doing what Heavenly Father wants. it is the effort. this makes me so happy. you know how there are some classes where the teacher basically just wants you to fail? well i feel like the plan of salvation is completely the opposite. Heavenly Father is the teacher and has set everything up for us to succeed.

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  1. I'm so sorry you fell, Hook! Can't wait to live with you too :)