Monday, March 29, 2010

who knew almonds could be so satisfying

so you know the song strawberry swing... well the line "its such a perfect day" ran through my head about a million times today. or should have at least. today was wonderful. i went to school, had a job interview that went very well and then came home because i had no homework that absolutely NEEDED to be worked on haha should have is another story. so then i picked up jenna and we went to bajios for lunch after buying myself seven dollar adorable shoes which later on in the day would give me massive blisters haha but well worth it. after we ate, went back up to campus for a few meetings--yes i am a professional at life. so many meetings to attend. i had three today haha--then was supposed to go to the temple but then it closes at ten am on mondays... who knew. and then becca and i went to the park and ate TONS of candy haha from the dollar store and its so interesting because candy that comes from the dollar store is just a little bit off from the regular priced taste. example: my sour gummy worms were

just a tad bit too sour. my sweet peach rings were way too sweet. but the chocolate was just right. then i came home and did some very crafty service type things in my favorite new boxer shorts. went to FHE and dyed easter eggs! so fun. and then kelse and i were supposed to go to the gym at eight... didnt leave till eight forty ahaha we got stuck in the quad taking model shots with some girls haha so fun. (as you can see above) i love it and then we went to the gym for a few minutes haha ran a bit and then i did some more crafty things. life is wonderful when you are really positive. something inside of me just clicked over the weekend while at home and its almost like i just never want to be sad again. and i never want that desire to go away and almost that is enough to make sadness go away forever. and its only possible with the atonement of Christ. tonight i gave a lesson in FHE about that and ended up bearing my testimony about Christ and how he is with us constantly. i feel like i have always known that but recently it's been on my mind more. i just have to say my favorite book in the Book of Mormon is definitely 3rd Nephi.


  1. Oh my i am reading 3rd Nephi right now and i love it! and i love this post! (: