Wednesday, March 24, 2010

first time ever

okay so i have an eight page paper due and i should be working on it. however, im in a spontaneous mood and this is the most rebellious and liberating thing i could think of that doesnt require me to leave the apartment. i was listening to the song white winter hymnal by fleet foxes and i decided i am in love with the line turn the white snow into red strawberries in summertime. i fell in love--that is exactly how i feel right this second. chin up :) oh and now im listening to this amazing french song. i wish i spoke french because then i actually could be a mysterious brunette who speaks a foreign language, haha id be unstoppable. and plus now im published :) oh ps. that picture above was taken in Siena Italy, i wish i was there this moment. i suppose though i will have to wait a while to travel to world--i really want to go backpacking or something insane like that.


  1. Hey Amanda pants! I am 1) happy you now have joined the blogging world 2) happy we will be roommates in just a few months 3) we are lovely friends 4) You + Me + Little Caesar's Pizza + Free Crazy bread coupon = possibly tonight??? Love youuuuuuuu!

  2. i also wish you spoke french