Thursday, March 25, 2010


im going to be a high school health teacher! thats the plan so far. so im in my health promotion class and we are watching bud weiser commercials that make money off of laughing at the effects of alcohol. its scary the way that media seeps into families and homes. there are always underlying messages that we are receptive of whether we realize it or not. i listened to rocky raccoon on the way to school today and it made me think of lake powell and my uncle scott--i cannot wait to go to lake powell this year. it will be amazing. when my uncle scott sings this song it is the sweetest thing. oh two songs that make me want to cry are somewhere over the rainbow and clare de lun. im so excited for this weekend! im going home for nat's bridal shower. she is getting married may 1st. MAY DAY. its amazing that she is at that point in her life haha so old. im going to make sure i go to the beach and sleepovers with liz and being with my mom. i feel like this weekend away is coming at the perfect time: to get away... i have no homework and no other reason to stay in provo. and i cant decide if im going to stay for spring or not. there are pros and cons to both sides thus the ineffectivity of my pro and con list. and yes i did just make that word up.

and i have to say, i am just so grateful for good girlfriends right now, you know who you are and you have helped me so much :) you girls are the best and i love you all

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  1. you go girl. this is awesome. keep it up and put on your happy face. I love you. mommy