Friday, March 26, 2010


it is time for bridal shower!!!!! kati, nat, mother and i have all been working so hard on things for the wedding ie. giggling while creating ingenious and innovative center pieces. perhaps i will post a few photos in a few days. liz and i went to the beach today and it was just perfect. i have sincerely missed the beach wow. so we drove there and ran serpentine down the hill to the sand and burst onto the sparkling sand. we then sang our way to the perfect clearing in the sand and then took a million pictures while basking in the sunshine. after a little while we felt like splashing and frolicking in the water and so we did--naturally. it was freezing! which made it even more liberating :) so then we came home and had deep thought-provoking conversations in the spa haha i love lizzie so much. i have missed her truly and am so happy i could have visited her. oh! funny story. nat and i were going to be late to the airport because of the insane weather so we decided to park at the airport. well we did not realize how far away parking is haha we just barely made it after trekking forever. i suppose we could have taken a shuttle but it said it wasn't going to be there for at least eight more minutes and time was running short. so as we were running, this car didn't see us and ended up laughing because we were running through puddles with all of our bags (nat mainly had the most) and this massive wedding gown in a cover. it was freezing and i felt like it could have been in a full house episode. ahaha even though it was stressful and slightly embarrassing, it added character to the day. i think that this day has been my favorite in a long time, i just love home and i am currently making a pro and con list about spring in provo vs. home. home may be winning a little right now, it definitely has the home advantage hahaha i love making up puns. wow its late

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